duber studio is a small, specialized, visuall effects boutique that excels at 3D visual effects, animation and postproduction. We’re based in the Czech Republic, Europe and provide our services to a wide range of clients from the advertising, film and visual effects industries serving both production companies as well as postproduction houses. We try to fit in ever so tighter budgets and deadlines with our unique mix of high-end technology, technical know-how and unique approach to solving complex VFX problems. Even though we’re a small company, our technology and technical back-end is at par with, or at times even exceeding, those of much larger VFX houses. What this allows us to do is to finish complex VFX shots or entire projects on time and mainly on budget, which becomes a very important aspect of today’s postproduction projects.

Services we provide

  • on-set supervision and VFX planning
  • specialised 3D tasks, such as rigging, technical direction, software (tools) development
  • budgeting and project cost estimates on the postproduction side
  • consulting and specialised training
  • on-site cooperation and help with large productions
  • postproduction pipeline planning, development and integration

More than 8 years in business

duber studio started as a “brand” name for Lukáš Duběda’s freelancing career and evolved into an independent company from there. Since Lukáš’s speciality is Technical Direction, duber studio was built on a very strong technical foundation and thus all our technology is integrated at the very core of our studio pipeline so we don’t waste time on technical and repetitive tasks, but can fully concentrate on the creative and artistic side of the projects that come through the studio.